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Our vision: connect key habitats in East Sabah to protect endangered species

We protect rainforests in Borneo and work to create larger protected areas from isolated forest fragments that are too small by connecting them through forest corridors. This is done by advocating for the preservation and protection of threatened forests and buying private plantations between protected areas to reforest them. We also restore areas that have been destroyed within existing protected areas to their original state. This way, we create larger contiguous forest areas in which threatened species have a significantly better chance of survival. Eventually we aim to link the Tabin Wildlife Reserve with all remaining wilderness areas in East Sabah:

Our vision - Restore rainforests and protect endangered animals in Borneo

We protect rainforests in Borneo to ensure the survival of endangered species, by turning degraded land and oil palm plantations back into rainforest.

Since the signing an agreement with the Sabah Forestry Department in November 2010, we have been active in the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo.

In cooperation with local authorities, research institutes and other NGOs, we work on the reforestation of degraded forest areas as well as on the acquisition and reforestation of palm oil plantations in order to reconnect reserves that are highly important for the protection of various species and to expand and improve wildlife habitats. In addition, the RFF has been successfully campaigning for the protection of endangered forests that are important for species protection and has already secured several thousand hectares of threatened forest areas and reserves through targeted lobbying with the responsible authorities. So far, more than one million Euros in donations have been used efficiently for land purchases and reforestation measures.

Our project area in Sabah, Malaysia

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Our project area in Sabah, Malaysia

Restore rainforests and protect endangered animals

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Please support us to protect rainforests in Borneo and to stop habitat loss!

Help us protect rainforests in Borneo! We urgently need funds to purchase and protect more land in Sabah and to turn it back into natural, species-rich rainforest.

All donations go to towards conservation action.

What have we achieved so far?

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