Flat-headed cat

Prionailurus planiceps

These small felines are about the size of a domestic cat, but they have long, flattened heads, making them one of the more unusual looking species. They are one of only three cats in the world that don’t have fully retractable claws, which they use to hunt for fish, frogs, and crabs.

Exact numbers of this highly elusive species are unknown, but they are one of the most endangered cats in the world. 70% of their historical habitat has been converted to agriculture and plantations, and they are also under threat from overfishing by humans and pollution run-off into their waterways.

we protect rainforests in Borneo to ensure survival of the flatheaded cat
Flat headed cat in our project area

We need your help to protect the Flat-headed cat!

Please help us with a donation to protect more habitat in Sabah, Borneo! All donations go towards conservation action.
At least 80% of donations are used for buying land and for reforestation.

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