Storm’s Stork

Ciconia stormi

Although distributed across southern Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo, the Storm’s Stork has been described as “probably one of the least numerous of all the storks in the world”, with less than 500 individuals left in the wild. In Sabah, the last stronghold for them is the floodplains of the lower Kinabatangan river and the surrounding forest.

Storm's stork, Ciconia stormi 


Photo by Robert Risch in our project area

Due to their rarity, very little is known about the elusive stork and exact populations are unknown. Their decline is largely due to deforestation through logging, dam construction and palm oil plantations, leading to habitat
fragmentation and creating small, isolated populations.

This species is frequently seen in the Tabin-Kulamba-Kinabatangan area. It might be the last viable population on the planet.


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