Urgent appeal for donations

The owner of approximately 540 ha of crucial area needed to complete the Tabin-Kulamba Wildlife Corridor is about to sell his land. If we do not manage to buy it, it will be turned into palm oil plantations.

Part of the land is productive oil palm plantation, part is still undeveloped and valuable wildlife habitat.
The land owner wants to sell his estate as soon as possible. So we are under pressure to secure this crucial land before an other oil palm company will buy and develop the still forested areas of the estate.

We need at least 1 million Euros as soon as possible to start the purchase of the land, to prevent a disaster and at the same time to write conservation history.

Download the detailed project background presentation as pdf (5 mb)

Total costs for the 540 ha: 5 million Euros

Please help us with a donation today and let’s protect the endangered animals in the area!